The person behind West London Property Networking

West London Property Networking was set up by local businesswoman Pelin Martin. Pelin has a keen interest in the property industry and she owns and runs Blue Crystal London.This is a West London-based property, block and estate management company. Pelin Martin is a shrewd investor herself with many years’ experience in the industry.

Pelin participated in many property networking groups throughout London and the UK. This way, she felt that West London needed a group of its own to cater for the large number of property people and related businesses in the area. So, she created West London Property Networking to fill the gap in the market.


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Project sizes vary from simple flyers to a complete brand refresh – looking at brand attributes, logo design, visual identity, illustration, printed materials, websites, advertising, even exhibition stands and pop-up banners.

If your business needs a brand review or a fresh perspective, have a chat with Angela to see how she can help you.



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We analyse thoroughly our customers’ websites to identify any technical error or issue on the code that prevents them from being found on Google as well as they should be. Then, we fix them all. Together with you, we plan your site’s content strategy so that you target all of the most strategic keywords. Finally, we plan together a high-quality link building strategy. Through all the process, we remain in touch with you with regular reports and feedback so that your website SEO is unique and targeted on your business specific needs.


From Rat Race to Round the Word Yacht Race

From Rat Race to Round the Word Yacht Race

My first speaking engagement since returning from 6 months in Australia was in Kensington, London. The West London Property Network was welcoming and offered food and drink in the ticket price too.
If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry, here’s some of the key points to help you.

Education: When starting out make sure you learn with someone who is also investing and who’s values you relate to. Check them out on social media, look for reviews and speak to people who are learning with them.

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The Edge of the Crowd – An Introduction to Alternative Finance by CrowdProperty

The Edge of the Crowd – An Introduction to Alternative Finance by CrowdProperty

Peer-to-peer lending (P2P) – sometimes referred to as crowdfunding – is not quite as old as the century, but has already shown that it’s a compelling proposition for borrowers and lenders alike and therefore a hot topic.

P2P took off in the UK with the launch of Zopa in 2004, offering loans to individuals, and was shortly joined by business lending specialist Funding Circle. While these remain the two best-known operations in the market, the sector mushroomed in the wake of the financial crisis, driven by a combination of banks’ restricting lending – a credit crunch that keeps on crunching for many – and the rapid development of the underlying financial technology that has enabled the efficient matching of lender and borrower, and the tracking of their loans.

“The UK online alternative finance industry market volume grew by 35% year-on-year to reach £6.19 billion in 2017,” according to The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance in their last full-year figures (2017)  – that’s almost ten-fold the £667m in 2013 (P2P grows quicker than its analysts can gather data on it, it seems). Globally, it’s expected to be worth $898bn by 2024. Not exactly ‘alternative’ finance.

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Create your perfect life style using property strategy

Create your perfect life style using property strategy

Jackie Tomes of Tomes Homes says ‘I bang on so much about the difference between a Strategy & a Business Model… so I thought it was time I brought ours to life!’
We buy blocks of flats. Exclusively.
Why do we do that?
For us it is the right Balance of Risk vs. Reward.
We buy existing blocks of flats, we don’t do the conversion.
Some blocks we buy in good condition and they are let from day one that we purchase them, others are in poor condition and we complete a full refurbishment before they are let.
– If it’s the former, we are able to be on buy-to-let style finance from day-1, which greatly reduces the risk when compared with a conversion or development opportunity
– if it’s the latter, the refurbishment works are purely cosmetic so they are quick – so you can get onto a low interest rate, long term finance product within 3-6 months of purchase.

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