The person behind West London Property Networking

West London Property Networking was set up by local businesswoman Pelin Martin. Pelin has a keen interest in the property industry and she owns and runs Blue Crystal London.This is a West London-based property, block and estate management company. Pelin Martin is a shrewd investor herself with many years’ experience in the industry.

Pelin participated in many property networking groups throughout London and the UK. This way, she felt that West London needed a group of its own to cater for the large number of property people and related businesses in the area. So, she created West London Property Networking to fill the gap in the market.


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Project sizes vary from simple flyers to a complete brand refresh – looking at brand attributes, logo design, visual identity, illustration, printed materials, websites, advertising, even exhibition stands and pop-up banners.

If your business needs a brand review or a fresh perspective, have a chat with Angela to see how she can help you.



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We analyse thoroughly our customers’ websites to identify any technical error or issue on the code that prevents them from being found on Google as well as they should be. Then, we fix them all. Together with you, we plan your site’s content strategy so that you target all of the most strategic keywords. Finally, we plan together a high-quality link building strategy. Through all the process, we remain in touch with you with regular reports and feedback so that your website SEO is unique and targeted on your business specific needs.


Property Market Prediction – Post Lockdown By Simon Zutshi

Property Market Prediction – Post Lockdown By Simon Zutshi

There is no doubt in my mind that, unfortunately, the UK is going to slip into recession. This means that businesses will close and people will lose their jobs. As a result, the property market will see a fall in prices.  

Personally, I don’t think it will be a crash as big as the 2008/2009 property crash. Let’s be honest, no one really knows what will happen to property prices. But if I had to take a guess, I would say that I think it could be an average of 15% reduction in values. Some areas may be more and some areas may be less.  

So what makes me say 15%? Well the Bank of England have said, they think this could be the drop in house prices. I think many property surveyors have taken this on board. 

I am in the process of re-mortgaging a number of my properties, one of which is a large house in Halifax. I converted this into 7 apartments about 6 years ago. 

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How to attract your own investors

How to attract your own investors

Powering up your Investing with Contribution Compass

You will have heard the phrase that property is a people business, but what does that mean?
I’d like to share some thoughts around this topic that hopefully will give you a new perspective on how you can make this work for you.
I started my property journey proper back in 2011 after running the New York Marathon. That was quite a pivotal time for me as there were many changes in my life. In the intervening years I have had many learning experiences, some of which were quite extreme. This has made me stronger and more resilient but also better equipped to help others achieve success.

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From Rat Race to Round the Word Yacht Race

From Rat Race to Round the Word Yacht Race

My first speaking engagement since returning from 6 months in Australia was in Kensington, London. The West London Property Network was welcoming and offered food and drink in the ticket price too.
If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry, here’s some of the key points to help you.

Education: When starting out make sure you learn with someone who is also investing and who’s values you relate to. Check them out on social media, look for reviews and speak to people who are learning with them.

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