My first speaking engagement since returning from 6 months in Australia was in Kensington, London. The West London Property Network was welcoming and offered food and drink in the ticket price too.
If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry, here’s some of the key points to help you.
Education: When starting out make sure you learn with someone who is also investing and who’s values you relate to. Check them out on social media, look for reviews and speak to people who are learning with them. The Edge of the Crowd – An Introduction to Alternative Finance by CrowdProperty
Accountability: Seek out coaching as part of the learning to make sure you have a sounding board, someone who can guide you and hold you to account too.
Perseverance: make sure you have a strong and detailed reason why and a visual idea of how you might spend your time when property has enabled you to create freedom.
I shared with the audience some images of my round the world adventures and how in the last 6months I’ve been able to work out of Australia! To do this it’s always been important to have other people manage my rental properties and guest houses. So that’s another critical thing to consider if you want to avoid creating another job for yourself! Create your perfect life style using property strategy
Apart from private investors, much of my success in just a short time has been working with others in joint ventures. Collaborating in this way brings opportunity to share your skills and to benefit from someone else’s skills or money too. Sharing the profit and risks in a deal gives comfort and confidence.
One of the interesting investment areas I’ve discovered is Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS) pensions. I’ve both borrowed and lent through this mechanism and having my own pension pot to manage and grow is very satisfying too. Property and Real Estate SEO Strategies
My guest house strategy focuses on local authorities and those people who need accommodation fast through the emergency housing departments and children’s services. It’s short term letting per night and provides shared bathrooms and cooking facilities. We use live in managers and I have someone who looks after these as a business. There is huge demand in this area.
Alongside my property business I teach and coach people who want to progress in the world of property investing. My programme is online with easy to watch webinar videos. Available options to extend your lease
Finally I’ve just written a book which is being edited at the moment. I shared the book covers I’m considering and took a straw pole of hands to see which one people liked the most. If you’d like a free chapter and also access to over £500 worth of online materials click on this link here
If you’d like to ask any questions please just book a 30min slot in my diary here

Bronwen Vearncombe 

Property Investing Foundation, Property Investor and coach – also known as a property nomad 

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