Powering up your Investing with Contribution Compass

You will have heard the phrase that property is a people business, but what does that mean?

I’d like to share some thoughts around this topic that hopefully will give you a new perspective on how you can make this work for you.
I started my property journey proper back in 2011 after running the New York Marathon. That was quite a pivotal time for me as there were many changes in my life. In the intervening years I have had many learning experiences, some of which were quite extreme. This has made me stronger and more resilient but also better equipped to help others achieve success.

My journey started by connecting people who had great deals with people who had cash. This led me to write a book called How to Attract Armchair Investors for Property, which became a No 1 Bestseller on Amazon. This forms the basis of much of the mentoring work that I do today.
Here’s the thing, bricks and mortar do not negotiate, people do. We build relationships with people that allow us to do things including acquiring property, raising finance and managing tenants. So how can we tip the balance in our favour and build better relationships with others allowing us to do better deals?

The answer lies first in understanding ourselves and secondly in understanding how other people tick. One of the tools that I use extensively for this is called Contribution Compass. It forms part of a suite of tools that I use to help people transform their lives.
Each of us has a very specific energy that is unique to us. It is a blend of 4 key energies first described in the ancient Chinese iChing. The balance of these energies means that we have certain areas in our life that we find very easy to do and require little or no effort on our behalf. When we are in this space we are described as being ‘in flow’. Often we find this space so easy that we do not actually value it, believing that as we find it so easy it has little or no value. It is a very easy trap to fall into and I fell straight in!

By understanding that other people have different areas where they too are in flow we can see that different people favour different activities and have different preferences regarding communication. Albert Einstein framed this perfectly when he said. “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tee it will spend its whole life believing it is stupid”. Fish don’t climb trees! Yet how often do we fight with a given task, refusing to give in to the futility, wearing ourselves out, making mistakes and taking for ever to complete ‘simple tasks’.
The key here is leverage. If we can understand where we best add value and know what to look for in others we can build highly motivated teams capable of achieving amazing results and having fun at the same time! Each different energy has something extremely positive to contribute, understand this and you are well on the way to breaking through on your personal journey.
There are of course many other tools that complement this but grasping the power of Contribution Compass will give you a hugely positive perspective and lead to you increasing the value you can contribute personally and also how you can get the right people to add value to you and your dreams.

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Tim Matcham

Property Finance Coach

Attract Arm Chair Investors