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Property and Real Estate SEO Strategies

The main aim of Property and Real Estate SEO is to show search engines that you are the most trusted source of information to answer in an authoritative way to questions related to properties in your area of expertise. First things first: a website needs to work...

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Available options to extend your lease

Residential and commercial property solicitor Kuljit Ghalan of Acton law firm LDN Conveyancing Ltd sets out the available option to extend the lease for leaseholders. Lease extensions under the statutory procedure Under the Leasehold Reform and Urban Development Act...

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Lease extension: everything you need to know

Leasehold ownership is almost exclusive to England and Wales. A lease usually lasts for a term of 99 or 125 years, and leases are a diminishing asset reducing in value as the lease gets shorter over time. This means that the shorter the term remaining, the less the...

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